Jessica Simpson Set to Welcome Another Child?

Jessica Simpson may be set to become a mom once again. The rumors are saying that the star is pregnant with another baby. Furthermore, it has been claimed that Jessica hopes that the pregnancy will help her save her marriage. So, what has been claimed at this point is that not only that Jessica is going to become a mom, but she is also dealing with some serious marriage problems. 

The report came from National Enquirer, which claimed that Jessica has been “in baby-making mode for months.” The report said that the star and her husband Eric Johnson are going to welcome their third child together. But, despite the pregnancy, Jessica and Eric are dealing with some marital problems. These problems are said to be caused by both their jealousy and the fact that they are unable to spend time together considering their very busy schedules. 

The report indicated that Jessica and Eric have been dealing with marriage troubles for quite some time. And since nothing seems to work to make things good between them once again, Jessica and Eric have turned to the new baby as their “last-ditch effort to rescue” the marriage. Jessica and Eric have not talked about this report, but a denial came from Gossip Cop. 

Gossip Cop claimed that it has talked to a source close to the couple, who said that Jessica is not pregnant and is not dealing with any problems in her marriage. The magazine also said that Jessica and Eric’s relationship is fine and they have absolutely nothing they need to solve. 

Well, although the report was denied now by Gossip Cop, this is not the first time when it has been claimed that Jessica and Eric are dealing with some marriage issues. Actually, several reports have previously indicated that the two are close to a divorce. Some reports claimed that Jessica is the one to blame for the relationship problems, given an alleged alcohol addition. On the other hand, it has been said that the marriage is going to end because of Eric, who has been unable to hold a job and has been living off Jessica’s fortune.

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