Jessica Chastain Declined Role, Rebecca Hall In Talks For “Iron Man 3”

Jessica Chastain took to her Facebook account to announce fans that she will not star in Marvel’s upcoming sequel, “Iron Man 3”. Her place might be taken by Rebecca Hall who is now in talks with producers to see whether it pays off to accept the part or not, says Deadline.

Jessica Chastain was supposed to play in the Marvel’s franchise “Iron Man 3”, but the actress changed her mind this past weekend. She wrote on her Facebook account that the movie is not going to “work out”. Jessica further explained that she is currently very busy with many other projects and she simply can’t fit another movie in her schedule. Reporters at Deadline were not able to find out the producers’ reaction, but we assume they were not thrilled to hear the actress will no longer collaborate with them.

Nevertheless, there’s always a plan B and every producer working with fickle celebrities is accustomed to have one. As a consequence, the representatives of the Marvel studios have contacted Rebecca Hall and suggested her to be in the movie. Hall hasn’t release any statement in relation to her final decision, so nobody knows for sure whether she will receive the part of the female lead character or not.

The female lead character is said to be interpreted by Gwyneth Paltrow. The actress has done a terrific job playing the part of Pepper Potts in both “Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2”, so there is no reason for her to abandon the role. In addition, Paltrow has had a brief appearance with Iron Man himself Tony Stark interpreted by Robert Downey Jr. in the recently released “Avengers”.

Rebecca Hall is more likely to play the part of a scientist who will rival the hero in his genius and skills, based on recent information that reporters obtained from producers. The movie, which will be entirely filmed in China and North Carolina, is due to be released on May 3, 2013.

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