Jessica Batten and Dr. Benjamin McGrath dated for more than one year before getting engaged

The DMs to the happily forever! After first connecting through Instagram Love is Blind’s Jessica Batten and Dr. Benjamin McGrath dated for more than a year. They were engaged on the 10th of September and a months later she found out the ways her husband realized they were “The One.”

“When did I know? I have two kids and being with her and the kids made me feel like being part of the same family.” Dr., who specializes in foot and ankle surgery 35-year-old surgeon exclusively told DailyGossip in a joint interview with reality TV celebrity, 36, going to Whitney Cummings’ Touch Me stand-up show at Anaheim, California, on the 22nd of October, Friday. “[Itjust felt natural. This was the main thing.”

The California native who has two kids, Poppy, 6, and Ethan five, from a previous relationshipand soon to be bride spoke about how their little kids reacted when they met their mother, an Illinois native.

“[They’re] so sweet,” Batten said to Us as she reflected on their relationship. “They are awestruck by all things and everybody which made it a breeze for me. “It’s hilarious because we all share the same birth date. They also bookend me, which means we’re all experiencing this bizarre similarity of spirit.”

The couple is already living with their children along with the Love Is Blind: After the Alter Alum is now ready to assume the role of stepmother. McGrath laughed the fact that she’s “one of the kids.”

“It’s fun,” Batten explained. “It’s strange because experiencing things for the first time is very exhilarating because you’re thinking about them, and they’re experiencing things completely differently. All the things I’d do in the closet such as, drinking chocolate milk and watch cartoons at night throughout the day on Saturdays They want to do those things! It’s actually quite a great time.”

McGrath proposed to an ex- Atlanta resident in the last month of her stay, to her complete amazement.

The One! Love is Blind's Jessica Batten's fiancée Ben McGrath Recalls How He Swore It was Love
Jessica Batten and Ben McGrath. Image courtesy Jessica Batten/Instagram.

“It was a complete surprise, she had no idea,” the man told Us. “One day I was thinking, ‘I’m going take it on, we need to get this done.’ … We’d never spoken about rings or anything like this, so I sort of thought of it in conjunction with her dad’s visit and him acting as the facilitator for the surprise. The result was quite well, I’m thinking we gave her a pretty decent present.”

Batten recalls feeling “overwhelmed” after seeing her lover to one knee.

“It took me a minute, but I recited a line from Suits,” she recalls. “When we were doing long distance, we were watching Suits and we’d simply be on FaceTime and put the phone up and just sit and watch. Instead of answering yes, I asked”Do do I possess a brain inside my head? Do I have an internal heart and he was happy about the idea. After that, he didn’t put on the ring which is why I told him to put it on immediately.'”

Although the reality TV actress has found the ideal wedding dress, the couple aren’t planning their wedding just yet.

Batten was engaged previously in a previous relationship with Mark Cuevas after he popped the question unnoticed during this Netflix Dating show back in the year 2018. After a turbulent journey out from the bedrooms, she quit her personal trainer in the final episode that aired on February of 2020.

The 27-year-old shared a recollection of their wedding ceremony shortly after the show’s finale was shown.

“I was going into the wedding day feeling as if I was going to just be there in the moment. I, as you can imagine I went into a blackout. I’m guessing I was anxious,” Cuevas exclusively told DailyGossip at the moment. “Everyone’s just looking at your face until you comes into the room. And then I’m like “Oh, my God. I’m still able to remember the incident. I’m replaying it right now in my brain. I’m just feeling exactly what I experienced. … Then I go to the first time we came across each other, and that was the most memorable moment of my life. The moment will forever be etched in my mind because I felt as if I was at the high above the world. I felt similar while I was there. I was at the high in the sky.”

The Meta Training Athletics founder, for his part, became engaged with Aubrey Rainey in November 2020 prior to having a his son Ace on April. The couple revealed that they’re expecting their second baby on the Friday of 22nd October.

Months prior to the time Cuevas declared his wedding vows, Batten and McGrath made their Instagram love officially in July of 2020. Before they began dating, McGrath knew exactly who she was after having watched the debut season of the dating pod show.

“I love that he watched it because I felt like he got to see what I went through,” Batten observed. “Now looking at the other side of it, clearly we’re more than happy with how things went on in this one tiny bit of LIB. He’s been a involved in the process and is super accommodating and very supportive of every aspect of it. So I can’t think of anyone better.”

The report is by Hannah Kahn

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