Jessica Alba opens up about Experience as a Female CEO

Jessica Alba is the CEO of The Honest Company, her own company, which is quite successful at the moment. However, being a CEO is never simple and actually there are not many female CEOs in the world. This is the reason why Jessica has claimed during a recent interview that she actually feels like a “lone wolf” 

During a recent interview with Female First, Jessica said that she found it quite difficult to be among the few women who serve as CEOs of successful, big companies. Jessica went on to talk about the subject of discrimination between men and women. “You feel like a lone wolf surrounded by men who have done it all before,” she said. 

However, Jessica went on to explain that she felt more the gap between men and women when it comes to the entertainment world, than when it comes to her work as a CEO. “I’ve actually felt this more in the entertainment industry. People never say a male actor is difficult, they call him smart, but if a woman did the same thing, she would be considered a b***h. I find it funny when I get called ambitious! I’ve even had my agents do intros and say ‘She’s a very ambitious young lady.’ And I’m always like ‘What the f**k does that mean?!'” Jessica said. 

The star went on to talk about the beginning of her company, Honest. Of course, it was not simple and Jessica revealed that she learned a lot while getting by. “When we launched Honest- it took us six weeks to realize we weren’t charging credit cards. At the time we were just like, the site hasn’t crashed yet, Thank God! We didn’t even notice people hadn’t paid,” she said. 

Jessica Alba also revealed during her interview that she is sure about one thing. Hollywood underestimated her. Jessica went on to say that it commonly is hard for entertainers to be taken seriously when they are doing something else. “I don’t think people know what I was capable of,” Jessica said, adding that in “Hollywood they don’t really build businesses, so they don’t really understand what I’m doing.” 

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