Jesse Spencer Explains Why He chose to quit Chicago fire after 10 seasons

Letting go of Captain Matthew Casey — for the moment. Jesse Spencer exited Chicago Fire in the 200th episode Wednesday, October 20 episode. Jesse Spencer’s character making the decision to move to Oregon to care for the children of his former friend, who was killed in a fire in the first season of the show.

The story behind the scenes Spencer 41, was deciding to leave the NBC drama in the pause between seasons 9 and 10.

“I’ve been watching TV for quite a while. I added it all up and I’m thinking this is my 18th year on broadcasting as I went right to House to Chicago Fire. We were nearing the 200th episode and I contacted [creator] Derek [Haas]and took a personal decision, and announced that I believed it was the right time to quit the show. He agreed that we must at a minimum get Casey up to 200 episodes,” said the Australian actor who has been in charge of the show since it’s debut in 2012 was revealed to DailyGossip as well as other reporters during an audio call. “It was a tough decision as I’ve enjoyed this show since the beginning but there are many more things I’d want to do in the near future. I also have certain family members I have to care for. 18 years is an incredibly long duration. It’s a long time.”

He said that even though the decision was one that was a “difficult” one, he felt he had made the right choice He added, “When the time comes, the time comes.”

Spencer who got married to Kali Carr in June 2020 He will remain living in Chicago despite his departureand it is believed that he will return someday, especially due to the love story with Casey Brett and Casey Brett (Kara Killmer).

“We’ve been building this connection for the past three years, and now we’ve arrived at. Casey is leaving and moving to Oregon to pursue the right motives,” the Neighbours alum said to reporters. “There is a chance that I’ll return. We’re mulling, “Will Casey return Will Casey come back? … This is an option for me as well.”

Jesse Spencer Explains Why He chose to quit 'Chicago fire after 10 seasons -and when he'll be Re-appearing
Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

When asked about the possibility that Casey might return to Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) wedding, Haas, 51, suggested that discussions on the wedding have already started.

“I’m looking forward. I don’t try to predict what will happen on the production side but there’s a consensus that when Jesse would like to do an episode with us, we’ll take on hills and Earth to get it done,” the Wanted writer told the reporter. “We’ve been talking, we’ve got some ideas of what that would be and I’d say you hit the nail on the head what some of those moments might be.”

Furthermore, Casey didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to Stella. “With Jesse possibly coming back at some point in this season, we’ll see a Kidd/Casey scene I’m sure,” Haas stated.

Jesse Spencer Explains Why He chose to quit 'Chicago fire after 10 seasons -and when he'll be Re-appearing
Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

For Spencer to leave the show is “bittersweet,” but he realizes that it’s not the end of the world.

“As the lead actor you’re not going to want to quit the show. However, I was ready to quit the show. It was the right time to go,” he said. “It was okay to say goodbye] since there’s the possibility that I will return. I’m still living in Chicago at the moment. I’m not rushing away towards Los Angeles or anything although I may leave to the west for a short time during the winter. … my home along with my partner is Chicago and I’m in Chicago, I’m just taking a step back this moment.”

The Uptown Girls star continued, “It’s been an incredible run. I could not wish for more. I’ll be sad to leave it. I’m going to leave, but I’ll return.”

Chicago Fire shows at NBC on Wednesdays, starting at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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