Jesse McCartney Marries Girlfriend Katie Peterson After 9 Years

Jesse McCartney Marries Girlfriend Katie Peterson After 9 Years Together
Jesse McCartney married Katie Peterson. Katie Peterson/Instagram

He found the soul he’d been looking for all along. Jesse McCartney and Katie Peterson got married on the 23rd of 23rd October DailyGossip confirms.

The couple’s family and friends have documented their wedding through social media. McCartney and Peterson are both 34. were married in an outdoor wedding ceremony held at Santa Lucia Preserve in Carmel, California. The reception included the salad course, which was which was followed by the option of pan seared alaskan halibut, or slow-roasted prime filet Mignon. Dessert was served as dessert.

The big day is just two years following the date McCartney proposed. He proposed at the age of 62 “Kiss the World Goodbye” performer proposed during Cut by Wolfgang Puck at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The couple were having meals with friends when Puck began making rounds around the dining room. When McCartney fell engaged, the entire area was quiet An onlooker reported to Us that it was the only time they were together at the moment. The restaurant was filled with applause when they announced their engagement.

Then, in August McCartney admitted to Us that he had plans to perform at the wedding reception, but McCartney wouldn’t sing his greatest hit.

“I think I’m about to play. I’m not sure what it will be is going to be, but it won’t be ‘Beautiful soul.. It’s likely to be something I’ve already written or have not yet written,” he said at the time. “I’m going to be up and maybe perform with my band members. Many of my band are attending the wedding which is great. We could get up there and disrupt the wedding band for a couple of songs. If we’ve not had excessive amounts of wine at this point.”

He said there’s a specific time and location for the single from 2005, noting, “I love playing ‘Beautiful Soul’ for the fans and on tour, but it might be a little cheesy at my wedding.”

The Summerland alumni stated that the couple allowed Peterson manage the wedding plans and he assisted wherever she needed his help. He was responsible for music for the celebration, which included around 150 guests.

“I am aware of what my line of travel is. There’s no way I’ll be there telling you, ‘Hey you ought to tie this lace using this veil or something,'” he told Us. “She put me in charge of putting together the band, which was nice … Whatever she wants, that’s just the attitude to have.”

Peterson and McCartney were introduced in a bar when the singer was going to see a friend, and the actress waited for their conversation to end their meal so she could shut down the restaurant. After nine years of waiting between their first meeting and the wedding Don’t expect the couple to have a baby in a hurry.

“We haven’t really talked too much about it,” the former Dream Street member told Us about the possibility of having children with Peterson. “It’s definitely an possibility for us. We each have a lot of career paths and obligations and would like to continue doing things that require all our attention. But, to be honest I believe it’s something we’ve discussed and we’ll continue to discuss about it. It’s all about timing, I believe and determining the right time to follow this route.”

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