Jersey Shore Deena Nicole Breaks Down

It might be the last season of “Jersey Shore” but from the looks of it, everybody is going to get even crazier. Take for instance “Jersey Shore” Deena Nicole who broke down over the phone, suffers from separation anxiety and is even more emotional (like that was possible!).

“Jersey Shore” Deena Nicole is an emotional, stormy and straightforward person. The last season of “Jersey Shore” has Deena Nicole several steps closer to a full meltdown, since her boyfriend and BFF Snooki aren’t around. Deena Nicole opened up about her separation anxiety with MTV News, saying this season was definitely a rough patch.

It looks like this time around, the “Jersey Shore” stars have each some challenges ahead. Snooki is pregnant, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is out of rehab and then there’s Deena Nicole Cortese struggling with separation anxiety and learning to live without her one-year boyfriend. Deena says she’s “not herself” this last “Jersey Shore” season.

“I’ve had separation anxiety since I was small, but then I kind of grew out of it, and now that I have Chris, I’m experiencing it again” Deena Cortese told MTV News. “And it was hard for me in the house, and luckily he was able to come down and see me. The roommates were there for me, and my parents were there for me” Snooki’s partner-in-crime confessed.

But, on the overall, season 6 of “Jersey Shore” was hard for Deena Cortese. “It was a rough patch, definitely a rough patch for me this season” said the reality show star. And not having Snooki to join her when partying and drinking was a bit overwhelming too.

“It was rough for me in the beginning because I didn’t have my meatball to drink with during the day” Deena Nicole told MTV News. “But [the roommates] really stepped up and tried to help me out, but she was there, and me and her got to bond on a completely different level. She really helped me through my rough patch” she added.

JWoww told MTV News it’s good that Deena Cortese fixed her separation anxiety problem, since a lot of the show’s viewers can easily relate to how that feels. “…a lot of young girls, anyone in a relationship just knows that feeling” she said.

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