Jerry Lewis in hospital

On Friday, comedian Jerry Lewis was taken to the hospital after not being able to get out of the car to perform the show in Sydney. His representative said that it wasn’t a serious problem and that he was simply too tired, Associated Press reports.

Jerry Lewis ended up in the hospital on Friday night, canceling his performance at a show in suburban Sydney. The actor and comedian is 85 years old and is touring in Australia to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. He was supposed to perform a the Rooty Hill Returned Servicemen’s League club. But when arriving, he could not step out of the car. According to his publicist, he was feeling very tired. Ian Lowe, the club’s general manager, confirmed the actor could not get out of the car.

Later, the CEO f the foundation, David Jack, released a statement in which he apologized for the inconvenience to the public who bought the show tickets, saying the actor was “not well enough to take the stage”. He did not give any further details. However, Lewis’ Las Vegas-based publicist, Candi Cazau, said the knows the actor had been released from the hospital three hours after arriving there. “He’s fine from what I understand”, Cazau said. He was just feeling under the weather.”

Despite the much expected success of the show – all the tickets have been sold out – Lewis’s staff decided not to expose him in that condition. Their cautiousness was the result of another similar event that happened some years earlier, when the actor caught viral meningitis in a trip to the same continent.

Besides that, Lewis had a “ridiculous” schedule in the last months, according to his publicist. He has been more in the plane than on the ground, flying from Las Vegas to New York and back again. He was casting for the stage production of The Nutty Professor which will hit the stage in January 2012.

Jerry Lewis is currently fighting health conditions that, combined to a mad schedule like his, could easily lead to overtiredness. He is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis, heart problems and a debilitating back condition.

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