Jermaine pays tribute to Michael Jackson at IIFA Rocks

Jermaine Jackson took the opportunity to pay a tribute to his late brother, Michael, at the Indian International Film Awards in Toronto, Associated Press says.

On Friday, Jermaine Jackson performed in front of the public present at the 12th Indian International Film Awards, which took place in Toronto. He used the opportunity to mark the second anniversary of the king of pop’s death. Jermaine was dressed in a typical Michael Jackson outfit: a military jacket, black slacks and a black cummerbund with the number 5 emblazoned on it. He sang several of his brother’s hits, including “Scream”, “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” and “Can You Feel It.”

Just a few moments before dedicating the ‘This Is It” song to Michael Jackson, Jermaine said: “This is a special moment in the show because it’s a tribute to my brother. Soon after this, he was joined on the stage by Indian singer and songwriter Sonu Nigam. “This is it” was written by Nigam after the star’s death and was performed by the two artists on stage in honor if the former pop icon.

The artistic performance of Jermaine Jackson and Sonu Nigam was a part of IIFA Rocks, which is a Bollywood-inspired concert and fashion show. The concert is at its turn a part of the IIFA festivities, which last three days in a row and culminates with an awards ceremony on Saturday.

Jermaine Jackson will honor his younger brother’s life in another way, as well. He has planned to launch a book about the Michael Jackson phenomenon from his perspective. He is not the only Jackson brother to do so. La Toya Jackson already released a book about Michael’s last days. The book is called “Starting Over” and is written in collaboration with Jeffre Phillips. The fans will be able to read about La Toya’s own opinions regarding Michael’s death and not only.

Jermaine’s book is scheduled to be released in September.

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  1. Michael Jackson’s legacy as an icon of music history is so clouded by our media-biased views of his life that we’ll never know the man behind all his rich music. He is the ultimate example of what happens when celebrity worship goes too far… having the press and court of opinion try him the last half of his life. I created a before and after portrait of The King of Pop on my artist’s blog at

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