Jermaine Jackson Tired Of His Name

Jermaine Jackson seems to have gotten tired of the name that made him famous as the artist has recently filed a petition asking a federal court to accept his new surname. Michael Jackson’s brother is looking for something catchier this time, such as, Jacksun, the Associated Press reports.

Without providing any explanation for his decision, Jermaine Jackson announced on Wednesday that he will change his well-known surname into something less famous, but a lot more powerful: Jacksun. The former “Jackson 5” member hopes the change could increase his popularity as a songwriter, even though some may argue the name ‘Jackson’ was powerful enough. 

The petition was filed on Tuesday at a Los Angeles court, but the singer will have to wait a little bit longer until his request is finally accepted. “Artistic reasons” was the only explanation that Jermaine included in the court papers, but neither he, nor his reps stated what the artist is planning to do in the near future.

Steve Dennis, one of Jermaine’s close friends, told the press that they should not be surprised by Jermaine’s decision. He recalled that there are many musicians who decided to change their names as a form of artistic reinvention. Jackson’s name change is not even as drastic as everyone is expecting; the singer will turn his surname into the brighter form Jacksun. “Phonetically, it changes nothing,” he added.

Dennis continued his statement by making a reference to the famous Jackson 5 song “Blame It On The Boogie”. According to him, the artist’s decision should not be blamed on the boogie, but rather on “the sunshine”.

This is not the first effort that Jermaine has made this year in order to restore his career. He has been on the road in the past months touring with his brothers. In addition, he is now trying to publish the book, “You Are Not Alone”, about his superstar brother, Michael Jackson. The first hearing for Jermaine’s name change is set for February 22, 2013 in Los Angeles.

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