Jensen Ackles honored the late Halyna Hutchins days after she was shot and killed on the set of Rust

In a tribute. Jensen Ackles honored the late Halyna Hutchins a few days after she was killed and shot during the filming of the Western film Rust.

“I’m not even sure where to start,” the actor 43-year-old wrote on 24 October. “This has been a tragedy of epic proportions that we are all still processing.”

Hutchins died on October 22nd on the 22nd of October, after Alec Baldwin shot a gun that was declared “cold” — meaning not loaded — in an action shot on the Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The gun was later discovered to be loaded and the ammunition travelled into the director Joel Souza and hit Hutchins. Souza was wounded , but he survived, and the director of photography passed away at the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque. She was 42 years old. The official investigation is in progress.

The Supernatural star who was revealed as a member of the Rust cast earlier in the month, posted several pictures of Hutchins on Instagram on Sunday along with his tribute.

“Earlier last week I felt compelled to tell Halyna just how awesome I thought she was,” Ackles said. “I said to her how fantastic I thought her camera work were, and how thrilling it was to witness her and her crew work. Truly. She smiled and thanked for the gesture and hugged me. I’ll always be grateful that we shared that moment. She was spunky and had a enthusiasm that swept through all the crew members from the top to the bottom. She was an source of inspiration.”

The Smallville Alum — who has a daughters J.J., 8, and twins Arrow and Zeppelin 4 with his wife Danneel Ackles (nee Harris) — wrote his thoughts to Hutchins loved ones.

“My prayers and heart are with Halyna’s husband and son as well as other members of her extended family. There can’t be enough words to describe how devastating this loss truly is.” The Texas native said. “She will be incredibly missed by all of us who knew and admired her.”

The Family Business Beer Company cofounder announced that he and his wife have made two donations in homage to Hutchins.

“Danneel and I have donated to the AFI scholarship fund in her name and to the Go Fund Me,” He revealed, and urged fans to make the same donation when they’re capable.

Jensen Calls Rust "Rust" to Shoot a 'Tragedy of Epic Proportions' and shares tribute to the late Halyna Hutchins
The late Halyna Hutchins. James Gourley/Variety/Shutterstock

In the days before the fatal incident, Ackles had discussed the shooting of guns on the film. “I’ve got a 6 a.m. call tomorrow to have a big shootout,” the actor announced to his fans at the Supernatural convention in Denver between October 15 and 17. “They had me pick my gun, they were like, ‘All right, what gun would you like?’ and I was like, ‘I don’t know?’ and the armorer was like, ‘Do you have gun experience?'” He was able to recall.

The question was a source of Supernatural fans giggle since He was shot for 15 seasons in the role of Dean Winchester on the CW show. He added, “I was like, ‘A little.’ And she’s like, ‘OK, well, this is how you load it, this is how we check it and make sure it’s safe.'”

She explained to the armorer that they were “going to put some blanks” in the gun . She directed the shooter to “fire off a couple rounds” at the scenery in the distance. This was very easy thanks to his expertise.

The clip circulated after Hutchins death, as many questions remain unanswered as to why Baldwin was handed an armed gun.

To his credit, the 30 Rock alum released a statement on Friday. “There is no way that can express my sadness and shock over the tragic accident which claimed the life of Halyna Hutchins. She was a husband mother, mother and a cherished friend of mine. I’m fully involved in the investigators at the police station,” Baldwin shared via Twitter.

The actor who is also a producer on the film added, “I am in touch with her husband, and I am offering my love and support to his family and him. My heart breaks in the loss of her son, husband and everyone that knew or loved Halyna.”

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