Jenny McCarthy Says She’s Dating Brian Urlacher

The stunning Jenny McCarthy got her hands on one of the manliest men ever. The model and comedian said at a Generation Rescue autism charity that she’s dating Brian Urlacher, from the bears.

About a month ago the media was all over the rumors that Jenny McCarthy and Brian Urlacher of the Bears are involved in a romance. Sources at that time were telling the media Jenny McCarthy is very in love with Urlacher, but is taking baby steps with their new relationship. Apparently, that’s all over now, and both the actress and the Chicago Bears player are ready to talk about their romance.

Or, at least Jenny McCarthy is. Earlier this week she confessed to reporters with Chicago’s NBC 5 that she’s dating Brian Urlacher. “I can confirm that yes it’s true, we are dating” said the model. She concluded her brief conversation with the reporters telling them: “Go Bears, that’s all I’ll say”.

E! News writes that the relationship has been confirmed to them by Jenny McCarthy’s rep. The website adds that the two love birds had dinner with Bill and Giuliana Rancic at an Italian restaurant in Chicago. Apparently, Brian Urlacher joined Jenny McCarthy as her date at the fifth annual edition of the Rescue Our Angels cocktail party at the Rockbit Bar & Grill.

It looks like Jenny McCarthy found her man. Late last year, the actress told Access Hollywood she was looking for a sweet man. “I don’t care if they have a big nose. I don’t care if they’re bald. [I just want someone who’s] really sweet and who’s a perfect reflection of who I am now”.

Last month, Jenny had a talk with Parade magazine about her said romance with Brian Urlacher. A reporter asked her if she ready “to be Chicago’s new First Couple with Bears star Urlacher”. All she answered was: “That’s funny! I haven’t made too many comments other than the fact that I’m taking baby steps. We’ll see. But I’m giddy right now”.

Bottom line, Jenny McCarthy found herself a man that would take care of her, while Brian Urlacher scored a 40-year-old hottie about to take her clothes off for Playboy. Seems like a sweet deal, doesn’t it?

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