Jenny Garth And Luke Perry Reunite In New Sitcom

Jenny Garth and Luke Perry were frequently seen together in the past month, but sources claim the two have reunited in order to produce a new sitcom. The former “Beverly Hills” stars may not get romantically involved in real life, but they plan to get very close on the movie set, says Us Weekly.

Ever since she divorced her husband in March 2012, Jenny Garth has been subject to many rumors and speculations. The fact that she and Luke Perry have spent increasingly more time together lately has made people wonder whether the two have taken their “Beverly Hills” romance to the next level. Far from it! The two actors have announced on Thursday afternoon that they will produce a new sitcom together.

Jenny Garth and Luke Perry used to be one of the most loved on screen couples during the period they were starring in the “Beverly Hills 90210” soap opera. As a consequence, the stars will use the chemistry they have to attract more viewers for their new project. The name of the series and the details related to its characters haven’t been communicated yet. However, one of Garth’s reps confirmed in an interview that the actress will produce the new sitcom.

Jenny and Luke came up with the idea of a new TV series during one of their recent meetings. The two were filming a TV spot for Old Navy, so they had the chance to work together again after many years and plan their comeback on the small screen.

Like in the case of many other series, the episodes will last around 30 minutes. The multi-camera show will be produced with the help of professional writers and technicians. The details of the show are currently negotiated with the representatives of the network, but the company reassured everyone that they will release a statement to provide further information about the sitcom.

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