Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Injured While Boxing

Access Hollywood reports that Jennifer Love Hewitt got injured while boxing for the second season of her show “The Client List”. The actress broke her wrist and is now forced to slow her working rhythm down until she gets better.

The filming for “The Client List” season 2 has begun and Jennifer Love Hewitt had to hit the gym in order to get back in shape. The actress did not settle for the regular fitness hours and chose something more dangerous, instead, namely boxing classes. After a few trainings, Jennifer was forced to take a break because she injured her wrist in the boxing ring.

The actress who plays the part of a high-class prostitute in “The Client List” announced her Twitter followers that she was injured several days ago. She began by asking her fans “Guess who broke her wrist yesterday boxing to get fit for season two?” She then, added that she will be spending the following days at home in her pajamas. On Wednesday, the actress took to the Twitterverse to thank her fans for the support they have shown ever since they found out that she was sick. She concluded the post by saying that the injury might have slowed her down, but it sure did not stop her from getting ready for the next season of the show.

Unfortunately, Jennifer Love Hewitt seems to be the only one who appreciates “The Client List” as critics have expressed their discontent about the series on numerous occasions. The Chicago Sun Times described it as “silly” and some viewers even stated that the silliness is too big for them to continue watching the show until the very end.

Riley Parks, Jennifer’s character in the series, is a Texas wife and mother, who decides to work as a massage parlor because she needs more money. The second season was expected to air at the beginning of 2013, but producers fear the show’s schedule might be affected by Hewitt’s injury.

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