Jennifer Lopez Ready to Get Married?

Without a doubt, things are going great between Jennifer Lopez and her new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. Alex actually recently admitted that he and the famous singer were a thing and claimed that the relationship was great.

He also praised his new girlfriend saying during his appearance on The View that Jennifer has numerous qualities. “It’s obvious, we’ve been having a great time,” Alex said. “She’s an amazing, amazing girl. One of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met, and also an incredible mother,” he explained. “She was a track star in high school and junior high, so she’s an awesome, awesome athlete,” he went on to say. “She just likes simple things. I mean, she’s a very, very simple person. Loves family. She’s a great sister, a great daughter,” the star concluded.

The pair was also spotted together as they were enjoying a lunch date in Los Angeles. As imagined, a series of things were said about this new couple, some indicating that things were so great between them that they were actually planning on getting married soon. Now, a rumor indicated that Jennifer is quite anxious to get married.

So, a report from Naughty Gossip revealed that J Lo wants a ring from Alex and is pressuring him to pop the big question. The report claimed that Jennifer started to be anxious about getting married again after Alex met her mother. “Jen wants a ring and she wants it now. She is ready and has made it clear that she wants to get married again,” a source said according to Naughty Gossip, “Jen is the sort of lady that asks for what she wants. She wants him and she will get him,” the same insider went on to add.

As imagined, Jennifer and Alex have not commented on this report and it is yet to see if the two really plan on getting married. What is certain is that things have evolved quite fast in this relationship. Both Jennifer and Alex have children from their previous relationships. Jennifer was previously married to Marc Anthony and the two have twins together.

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