Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart No Longer a Couple

According to a new TMZ report, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have separated. It seems that the two decided to part ways after no less than 2 years together. 

Moreover, sources claim that even though the separation news surfaced only now, the two stars have split no less than two months ago. However, they decided to remain silent about this personal decision. Naturally, after the news of the breakup were made public, it has been claimed that this separation is actually linked to the cheating scandal that has made headlines related to this famous couple. 

Recently, rumors revealed that Casper Smart has cheated on Jennifer Lopez, with no one else than model Sofie Vissa. However, some sources claim that the separation had nothing to do with these rumors, although it came almost immediately after they were made public. It has been claimed that the talented dancer has been engaging in private messages with a transgendered woman, whom he met on Instagram.

The relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart has managed to create many headlines. The two actually worked together, as Casper has been a backup dancer for the famous singer. The relationship between Jennifer and her young boyfriend began about 3 months after the star separated from Marc Anthony. Back then, it has been claimed that Jennifer cheated on Anthony with Casper Smart. 

Well, now both the 44 year old actress and her 27 year old former boyfriend are single. It has been claimed that the split was amicable, so the two remain in good terms. Actually, a source told US Weekly that even though it wasn’t a simple decision, the two wanted to stay friends. “Their relationship couldn’t work with the distance. He started trying to establish his own life and career, and she is so focused on hers, and they just couldn’t be all about each other anymore,” the source claimed. 

It has been reported that Casper Smart has already moved out from Jennifer’s home, who actually is on the road, promoting her newest album. A rep for the star refused to comment on these latest reports and the separation of the former celebrity couple.  

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