Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Could Get Back Together

According to the latest rumors, there may be room for a reconciliation between Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart. According to these rumors, Jennifer and Casper are still in communication and they are not ready to put an end to their romance. 

The new report, published by Life & Style, indicated that Jennifer and Casper are still in touch and may be ready to rekindle their romance. A source talking to the celebrity site actually said that Jennifer and Casper are unable to “quit each other.” The same insider explained that the two are “texting, calling and even sending each other private, sexy Snapchats.” “No one would be surprised if they gave their romance another shot,” the source claimed. 

Jennifer and Casper have a lot of history together. The two first started dating back in 2011, after Jennifer ended her marriage to Marc Anthony. Both the singer and the dancer have been quite private about their romance, so they never revealed too much about their relationship. During their long term relationship, Jennifer and Marc broke up and got back together on several occasions. However, the pair decided to end their relationship for good in August 2016. 

It has been claimed that this was the moment when Casper cheated on his famous girlfriend and Jennifer found out about his infidelity. Rumors indicated that this was actually the second time when Jennifer found out that Casper was cheating. The first incident of this kind occurred about two years ago. At that moment Jennifer decided to kick her boyfriend out. 

But, the star agreed to take him back after Casper promised that he would never commit such a mistake. Well, it seems that he was unable to keep that promise. But, maybe, Jennifer is ready to take him back after all. The source talking to Life & Style also revealed the reason why Jennifer wants to get back together with Casper, despite his infidelities. “Jennifer thinks Casper is great in bed,” the insider said. The report was not confirmed, so it is yet to see if the claims will be proven true.

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