Jennifer Lawrence Unhappy with Paparazzi

Paparazzi are always following stars and some celebrities are extremely unhappy with this. Jennifer Lawrence is one of those stars. It seems that the actress had a bit of a conflict with the paparazzi after her date night with Nicholas Hoult. 

Jennifer Lawrence was followed all around by the paparazzi and the actress just had it with them. The star was spotted having a romantic date with her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. The couple was willing to take a taxi home after the meal they had in London. 

After getting in the taxi, Jennifer flipped the bird at the paparazzi that were following them. The star’s boyfriend tried to make the star put her hand down, but Jennifer wanted to show the paps how she really felt, until the taxi drove out of sight. Of course, the star’s photos in which she shows the finger to the waiting paparazzi made headlines following the event. 

Sources claimed that the happy couple seemed very much in love during their beautiful date. The two were seen joking around and enjoying each other’s company. Then, the couple went out for a meal, which seemed to be quite relaxing for Jennifer and her boyfriend, who were seen together, without interruptions from fans for autographs. 

Numerous celebrities are extremely bothered by the paparazzi and Jennifer Lawrence is just the latest star to enter this list. Probably, the actress just wanted to enjoy a day out with her boyfriend, without paparazzi and the public’s eyes. 

Well, fans of the two actors who are happy to see them together are definitely looking forward to see Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult in their upcoming movie. The two will star together in X-Men: Days of Future Past. The new movie is set to be in theaters on May 10. 

The relationship between Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult has been quite debated in the past few weeks. Rumors indicate that the two famous actors actually are engaged to be married. However, these are only rumors, so there is no confirmation on this aspect. The two have been on and off dating for four years now, so if they will decide to wed after all, this will not be shocking at all.

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