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Jennifer Lawrence Poses Nude for Vanity Fair


Famous actress Jennifer Lawrence definitely managed to impress. The star posed nude in a rather shocking Vanity Fair photo shoot. The actress was photographed with a strategically placed Colombian red-tailed boa snake, covering her body. 

It surely seems that Jennifer was not afraid at all of the gigantic snake covering her body. “Jennifer has the perfect combination of strength, sexuality, and humor, and, above all, tomboy to pull this off,” s shoot stylist claimed. Apparently, the photo shoot aims to be a homage to the iconic 1981 portrait of Nastassja Kinski, taken for Vogue magazine. Well, Jennifer is extremely beautiful and the star has an amazing body, so the photo shoot could only be spectacular. 

But, the actress is absolutely fearless, too. In the pic, Jennifer looks very sexy, laying on her stomach, with her feet pointed in the air and her back arched. The photo has a particular Hollywood glamour, while the actress seemed extremely sexy. One of the most appreciated facts about this picture actually is that it really shows how naturally beautiful Jennifer Lawrence is. 

Meanwhile, the actress is preparing for the latest movie of The Hunger Game trilogy, Mockingay – Part 2. The movie also stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. It is set to be released in the UK and the US on November 20.  However, Jennifer is not only successful and happy when it comes to her career. The star is said to be once again dating famous musician Chris Martin. In fact, it had been claimed that Jennifer and Chris have never separated. So, some sources said that the couple only pretended to have broken up to be able to enjoy privacy on their relationship and grow their beautiful romance. Although this may mean making some sacrifices sometimes, the couple is determined to stay away from the public’s eye. 

“Jennifer loves Chris’ music and would be so psyched to go to the Grammy’s with him, ” a source said. “She wants to support him, but totally understands if he ends up taking his kids,” the same source added. “She would love for them all to go together but knows it would be a media frenzy for Apple and Moses and doesn’t want to call the attention to them going as a family when the focus is on him and the band,” it explained. 

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