Jennifer Lawrence Becomes A Real Life Heroine

The “Hunger Games” actress, Jennifer Lawrence proved that she can be a real life heroine when she rescued a collapsed woman outside her house. According to Us Weekly, the movie star found the sick woman in front of her apartment in Santa Monica, California on Monday.

The news that Jennifer Lawrence helped an unconscious woman was confirmed by Sergeant Richard Lewis from the Santa Monica Police Department. He told reporters that they received a phone call around 6: 41 p.m. on Monday. Based on the declarations of the person who initiated the call, a woman had collapsed on the street and several individuals in the area were helping her recover.

The Sergeant further added that actress Jennifer Lawrence was one of the local residents who were helping the woman. Later on, police officers found out that the unconscious person had consumed alcoholic drinks and fell in front of an apartment building. Given her condition, the paramedics who showed up at the scene reassured everyone that the woman will be alright. Officers refused to communicate her name because the woman was below legal age.

According to insiders, Lawrence was very preoccupied by the woman’s health condition. As soon as she noticed her body lying on the lawn in front of the building, the actress kneeled next to the woman and tried to bring her back to her senses. Jennifer was also helped by other residents who passed by the woman and stopped to check her condition. The “Hunger Games” star stood by her side all the time and tried to comfort her until the paramedics arrived.

Jennifer has been busy training for her part as Katniss Everdeen and it seems like the knowledge she acquired turned out to be useful, in the end. The actress will start filming for the sequel of “Hunger Games – Catching Fire”, this fall. The movie, however, will be available in theaters only on November 22, 2013.

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