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Jennifer Hudson Promotes Healthy Lifestyle in Schools

This Tuesday, Jennifer Hudson was on a lifestyle mission in Chicago schools. After losing weight she became a spokesman for Weight Watchers and helps promoting a healthy living in schools.

A new Jennifer Hudson has taken the plea for helping America slim down.The “Idol” contestant and Oscar winner went herself through a weight loss program which helped her reshape her body an gain the confidence she otherwise was lacking. Now, she returned to her hometown and stopped to Namaste Charter School. The children gathered in the school’s gym where Hudson talked to them about a healthy way of living, healthy food and exercise. She even showed them a part of her workout and they all tried to do it together, including school Principal Allison Slade.

Hudson also talked to students about her new regimen and promoted the Weight Watchers Walk – It Challenge which will take place on May 22. The challenge is social event organized with the purpose of raising awareness towards the need for exercise. It encourages Americans to run or walk ( according to each person’s physical abilities ) for 5 km. Walking is a light activity that can be performed by anyone without having any negative effects. It is a natural activity of the body.

Jennifer Hudson, who is now 29 years old, lost 80 pounds with the Weight Watchers program and now credits it with her new body image. Photos reveal toned legs and arms and a bigger smile on her face. Hudson presented a check of 100,000 dollars to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which is a non-profit organization that works on a special plan of reducing childhood obesity rate by 2015. Statistics in 2010 reveal that almost 35% of the American population is obese and more than half is overweight. Since 30 years ago, the percentage has doubled. When it comes to children, the situation is worse. 30 years ago, the percent of obese children in American society was around 5 to 6%. Now, the percent has risen dramatically, to 17%. This may not seem that much, but remember, these are only the obese children, not the overweight ones, too.

Officials need to take serious and concrete measures to stop the rising number of obese people. So far there have been created programs that create awareness and the states are looking into limiting the junk food in schools. Also, an exercise program, like Jen Hudson’s Walk-It is very beneficial.

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