Jennifer Hudson Launches Clothing Line

Jennifer Hudson has been through a lot of problems lately, but the singer managed to overcome them. She is now concentrating on her career by launching her own clothing line, says People magazine.

The Oscar and Grammy-winning star announced on Tuesday that she will soon launch her own clothing line. Although she has never been involved in a fashion project before, Jennifer Hudson thinks her products will be successful because she can meet all women’s needs.

The actress has been a size 16 until recently when she lost weight and became a size six. As a consequence, she can understand the needs and the necessities of all women because she has been “on both sides of the fence”. Jennifer declared that she represents all women, which is why they will all be able to find the sizes they need in her collection.

However, this was not the only thought that the actress had in mind when creating the line. She wanted women to feel comfortable with their clothes, no matter what size they may be. Proving that she has a keen eye for business, the “Dreamgirls” star explained that she took all the necessary measures to make sure that the 14 pieces of her collection are highly qualitative.

Hudson reassured everyone that she would wear all the items included in the clothing line. As a matter of fact, she would not sign off on them if she didn’t like them. Hudson has included some of her favorite garments in the collection, that is, leggings and dresses.

The price for a sheer maxi skirt is $75, whereas a snug knit dress is $74.50 and a pair of leggings is $50. The singer loves leggings very much because they are incredibly comfortable and she owns 300 pairs in her wardrobe.

Analysts think Hudson’s clothing line could become a hit because all women can relate to her on different levels. In addition, her story is very similar to that of Cinderella, so experts have many reasons to believe that women will buy her clothes once they will be launched at QVC in September.

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