Jennifer Garner Says Three Kids Sent Her Over The Edge

It’s hard enough being a mother of two without being famous, but when busy schedule meets fame, kids and husband it could be overwhelming. Jennifer Garner says three kids sent her over the edge.

On October 12, Ben Affleck’s last movie “Argo” will hit the big screens, whereas Jennifer Garner plays Laura Pickler in “Butter”, yet another upcoming politic flick. The Affleck – Garner family surely had some hectic months and getting along with three kids in the house is not that easy. Jennifer Garner gave birth to her third son this February and apparently that sent her over the edge.

In an appearance on TBS’ Conan, Jennifer Garner talked about her life off the movie screen. More particularly, Jennifer Garner revealed how life is for her now that she is a mother of three. With promotional events, her husband working on “Argo” and “Butter” set to premiere, Jennifer Garner had some pretty challenging past few months.

“We wanted a third and we had a third, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. But, you know how two feels like six? Three put me right over the edge” Jennifer Garner confessed on Conan. The actress also joked that after her third child was born she would go “up to anyone on the street saying, ‘Would you please come work at my house? Would you please come help me? Just take a child. Do something’”.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck got married in 2005 and have three children together. Their youngest, Samuel, might just be the couple’s last child. Last month, Jennifer Garner told Ellen DeGeneres on her show that they don’t want other children.

“No…I plan to be done. But my husband is kind of a ‘wonder sperm’ kind of guy” Jennifer Gartner said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Well, who knew that of Ben Affleck…?!

In the meanwhile, the Affleck – Garner family all eyes on Samuel, the youngest in the family. “[Samuel] is so chill… He reaches when he sees me and he laughs a lot. He thinks I’m super funny. What more do you want” Jennifer Garner said of her new bundle of joy.

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