Jennifer Aniston to Ignore Tabloids

Many stars have complained about the attention they receive from the media. Jennifer Aniston just claimed that she just ignores what tabloids write about her.

So, even though her life is always in the public’s eye, Jennifer Aniston is not always happy with the attention. “All that stuff, it’s toxic,” the actress said. “It never gets un-jarring, but you have to not let it imprison you, which is possible, too,” the beautiful actress explained.

Jennifer Aniston has her secret of not letting any of the comments made in tabloids affect her. She has a close group of friends, who are always there for her and who are not interested in what the media says. And this is her way of remaining unaffected, no matter what the media says and writes.

“There’s times when you see people climbing and getting success and you start to see, oh, they’re starting to really change. So I always just make the effort to be as humble and grateful as possible,” Aniston explained.

Not letting the fame affect you might be quite hard, but it seems that Jennifer has become able to achieve this purpose. The actress impressed last week when she remained cozy and worn causal dressing while speaking with the Associated Press for an interview. During this interview, the star talked about her career, as well as about a potential release of a sequel to the famous comedy “We’re the Millers”.

Jennifer Aniston recently turned 45, but age is a subject she avoids talking about. Jennifer said that she never focuses on that. The star confessed she has no checklist and she has never been a person who could answer the question “where do you see yourself in five years.” The actress claimed that when it comes to her career, her only purpose is to evolve, keep challenging herself and find the courage to do all that.

Jennifer Anniston is currently working at an important project. The actress is starring and producing the movie Cake. When asked about this movie, Aniston said that this is a wonderful process for her. The star also said that she doesn’t let comments about her personal life affect her. Jennifer Aniston is currently engaged to Justin Theroux.

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