Jennifer Aniston Pokes Fun At Pregnant Rumors In New Ad

Jennifer Aniston poked fun at the numerous pregnant rumors that have been presented until now by tabloids in a new ad for mineral water. The commercial tackled some of the most discussed aspects, such as, her looks or her hair, according to Us Weekly.

Smartwater hired Jennifer Aniston for the creation of their most recent clip. The actress pokes fun at the many rumors that have been made in relation to her and her boyfriend, Justin Theroux. The concept of the ad is that the mineral water is more refreshing than the truth, so impossible situations were presented in the video. 

Ryan Seacrest introduces the sequences featuring Jennifer Aniston explaining that they have been leaked by an unknown source on the Internet. The footage was taken from the actress’ home security cameras.

During the first sequence, Aniston is shown recklessly driving an expensive car; after what appears to be an accident, the blonde bombshell returns to her home saying that she forgot her Smartwater. As she gets ready to pour herself a glass of mineral water, the actress unfolds a piece of black cloth from her belly. When she faces the camera, viewers realize that the girdle was not meant to hide her physical imperfections, but her huge pregnancy belly. The mockery goes even further when Aniston gently places a hand on her belly and asks “How are my little triplets doing?”

While Jennifer is getting ready for a bath in the pool, Kimmel, who plays the part of her boy, shows up wearing a bathing suit and water wings. The actress sends Kimmel and his little alien brother back in the house and promises them to play hide-and-seek in the evening. Kimmel accuses his mom that she is embarrassed of them, but the former “Friends” star denies everything and sends them to their room before anyone sees them.

Golden locks have always been a trademark for the 43-year-old celeb, but Smartwater demolished even this myth in their video. The actress is portrayed in the end of the clip getting ready for bed time. After she takes a last look in the mirror, Jennifer says “Good night, Rachel” and pulls off a wig revealing her so-called real hair, which is dark and curly.

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