Jennifer Aniston disapproves of possible “Friends Reunion”

There have been a lot of talks lately about a possible sequel of the famous “Friends” series, but this time, the producers want to take the action of the show on the big screen. Us Weekly interviewed actress Jennifer Aniston who told reporters that she disapproves of a possible “Friends Reunion”.

The 43-year-old actress thinks a big screen sequel of the TV series is not such a good idea. In her opinion, “Friends” was created to be “consumed” in the viewers’ living room. As a consequence, it is difficult, if not impossible to adapt the script of the series to the big screen.

Aniston is not the only one who thinks the movie might turn out to be a fiasco. Her opinion is also shared by co-star Matt LeBlanc who was not very excited to hear that a “Friends Reunion” movie was on the way. Like Aniston, he thinks the movie will not equal the success of the series.

Jennifer Aniston, who interpreted the character “Friends” for almost 10 years, admitted that she is curious to see how things turned out between Rachel and her partner Ross Gellar who is interpreted by David Schwimmer. In her opinion, the two characters would still have to be together and they should have more kids. She further added that she would be really upset if the two did not continue their relationship in the movie.

The discussion about “Friends” brought back beautiful memories to Jennifer. She stated that she loved the work she did for 10 years. The stars were all getting along very well and they never felt like they were actually working because they were having a lot of fun. Despite this, the actress is not really keen on being back on TV for a full-time job. She probably would accept to be a part of the new project if and only if she would feel the same excitement she did when she first started the project.

Aniston is now starring in the movie “Wanderlust” which will be released in America on February 24. The actress and her real-life boyfriend, Justin Theroux, form opposite couples on screen.

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