Jennifer Aniston Cries During Engagement Interview

The news about Jennifer Aniston getting engaged to Justin Theroux has everybody excited, but there’s nobody as happy as the actress. Jennifer Anniston cried of happiness during engagement interview on E!

Jennifer Aniston isn’t the kind of celebrity that will have a happy-craze at a talk show, but as she talked with Chelsea Handler about her engagement, the actress was obviously ecstatic about the news. Jennifer Aniston was in tears during her first post-engagement interview, when the “Chelsea Lately” host had her talk about fiancé Justin Theroux.

“I just got verklempt” Jennifer Aniston told Chelsea Handler as she gushed about her engagement to Justin Theroux. The 43-year-old actress confessed she was “choked with emotion” when Justin Theroux proposed. The former “Friends” star seems to have finally found true love and the tears she shed on “Chelsea Lately” are a good enough proof she is happy.

Seeing Jennifer Aniston in tears, Chelsea Handler tried to lift up the mood. “You are so happy because he’s the greatest guy ever and you guys make the greatest couple ever and I am so happy for you two the talk show host complimented her friend during the interview.

“I know that you didn’t want to tell me that you were engaged because you think I follow everything you do and rip you off” Chelsea Handler commented about Jennifer Aniston’s no-comment policy. However, the actress fired back that Chelsea Handler is indeed following her, but it should be next in line to get married.

“That would be a good thing to do. Make an honest woman out of you” Jennifer Aniston told Chelsea Handler.

Although Jennifer Aniston hasn’t commented on the actual engagement, sources say that Justin Theroux actually proposed in August, when he celebrated his 41st birthday. When photographers saw the huge engagement ring on the actress’s finger, there wasn’t any need for the actual confirmation.

“Everyone is really excited for them” an insider told People at that time. “It’s amazing to see how happy Justin make[s] Jen, and everyone was always hoping that he would propose” the source added.

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