Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Trying to Save their Marriage

For weeks now rumors have been claiming that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are dealing with some marriage problems and may be close to a divorce. Allegedly, the two actors are trying to make things work and have decided to go on vacation with the main purpose to save their marriage. 

A report from OK! indicated that Jennifer and Justin are planning a gateway with the main purpose to work on and fix their marriage, and overcome their issues. The celebrity site revealed that the actors are determined to make things work and this is why they are going away for a couple of days. The report indicated that Jennifer was the one making extra efforts for the sake of her marriage. 

Well, this is by far the only report saying that Jennifer and Justin are dealing with serious marital problems. Another report, from In Touch, claimed the same thing. This report also revealed that the two actors are planning a vacation to focus on their relationship and repair their marriage. “Jen just wants it to be an intimate, romantic vacation for two,” a source said. The same source claimed that Jennifer “hopes it will go a long way toward smoothing over their myriad marital problems.” 

Without a doubt, a separation would come as a shock for Jennifer and Justin’s fans, as the two seem to be getting along really well. Maybe, the claims will not be confirmed after all, as a Gossip Cop report revealed that the whole story is untrue. The celebrity site indicated that the rumors of Jennifer and Justin going on vacation to save their marriage are “total fiction.”

According to the site, if the actors will go on vacation, it will be just a trip like any other, not an attempt to save their marriage. Gossip Cop also denied the rumors indicating that Justin and Jennifer were close to a divorce. Well, the couple has not commented on these claims and usually Jennifer and Justin do not share too much when it comes to their personal life, so most likely the rumors will not be addressed any time soon. 

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