Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux not on Speaking Terms

It appears that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have not remained friends following their separation. In fact, it has been claimed that they are not even on speaking terms. It appears that the separation has put a lot of distance between the two stars and they are barely speaking to each other.

Both Jennifer and Justin have quickly moved on from their divorce and now some reports have claimed that they don’t even speak any longer. Apparently, they are both busy and Jennifer is not having a lot of free time. According to an insider talking to US Weekly, the famous actress “is keeping busy with dinners and social engagements”.

And she is meeting with a lot of friends and she is happy with the way things are going. “Her friends have really rallied around her,” the insider said adding that Jennifer “is loving being with her girls. She has a great attitude.”

It seems that the fact that Jennifer is living in Los Angeles, while Justin in New York has helped the two faster move on from their separation. “Justin is in New York doing the same things he’s been doing for the last few months,” a source said according to E! News.

“He gets coffee with friends, works out at his boxing gym and walks his dog. He rides his bike around town and really enjoys his simple way of life in the city. He recently traveled to Paris and London for fashion week but is now back in New York,” the same insider added.

The source also said that Jennifer has been spending a lot of time with friends such as Courteney Cox and she is out for dinner as much as possible. It seems that Jennifer is surrounded by supportive people and she is just happy.

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