Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux adopt puppy

Us Weekly reports that actress Jennifer Aniston and her partner, Justin Theroux have decided to adopt a puppy. The couple has fallen head over heels for a boxer-pitbull girl whom they have already named Sophie. The puppy will live with her new parents all the time even if they choose to stay in their home in Bel-Air or in Manhattan.

Theroux was the first to communicate the happy news to the New York magazine. The actor released a recent interview where he explains how he manages to keep a balance between his private and his public life. He further stated that they felt the need to adopt Sophie, the three-month boxer-pitbull puppy, because she looks as if she has smoked an exploding cigar and this just makes her adorable.

The 43-year-old actress met Theroux while they we’re filming on the set of her new movie “Wanderlust” in Georgia, last fall. Even though the relationship between the two is blooming, the actor doesn’t want to talk about it in public. He told reporters that he won’t mention anything about his current love affair, except the fact that he is happy. When reporters asked him why is he so reluctant to open up in public, the actor and screenwriter replied that he would be building his own torture device.

Bad mouths claim that Theroux has become more popular thanks to his relationship with one of the most famous women in the world, but Justin denies this. As a matter of fact, he compared this relationship with a pair of heavy shoes; if the wearer doesn’t know how to wear them, he might get slowed down. In plain words, the actor is aware that being romantically involved with a woman as famous as Jennifer could bring him both advantages and disadvantages, but he knows how to make it work for them both.

In “Wanderlust”, Theroux played Seth, the leader of a free-love community in Georgia. The character is a “douchey” guy, but Justin had a great time interpreting him.

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