Jenna Lyons Divorce Covered by Tabloids

Jenna Lyons divorce caught the attention of tabloids once one important detail was added to the mix. According to NY Post, the J. Crew creative director seems to have fallen in love with another woman.

Lyons’ high profile life dominated by both high and low style has caught the eye of tabloids and blogs ever since her divorce from Vincent Mazeau started. The 42 year old fashionista has to face the battle for both her son Beckett and her assets in a separation procedure that is set to last for a long time. She is aiming to keep her child alongside her townhouse in Brooklyn.

According to New York Post, Mazeau considers himself entitled to the house and to a large amount of money as he was the parent who gave up on his career to support his wife in pursuing hers. Lyons however claims it were her efforts and financial stability that made it possible for her husband to have his own studio and not have to go to work on a daily basis.

Lyons joined J. Crew in 1990 as an assistant designer and worked her way up to the top. She became a high figure at J. Crew several years ago as the company’s Executive Creative Director starting with 2007 and the President and Creative Director for the past year.

It was under her leadership that the company became one of the most powerful fashion brands on the market with a distinctive signature of chic and down to earth high fashion.

Asked about his employee alleged love affair with another woman, J. Crew rep refrains from giving any comment to the Fashionista reporter. He claimed that the company policy goes against discussing the associates’ private lives. However recent reports place the object of Lyons love very close to home, as she is considered to work in the fashion industry as well.

Lyons and Mazeau exchanged vows in 2002 during a ceremony that took place at the Gedney Farm in New Marlborough. The wedding cake was replaced by cupcakes baked by the notorious Magnolia Bakery in New York and the dress was one of Lyons’ own creations, decorated with flowers, leaves and pheasants.

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