Jeff Conaway’s death was an accident

The autopsy results that were released on Friday state that actor Jeff Conaway’s death was an accident and it was caused by major internal infections. The “Grease” star was hospitalized in a critical state after a cold which turned out to be pneumonia.  And that was not all. Read below to find out more about what the actor’s complete diagnosis was, why there weren’t any toxicology tests conducted and how he spent his last days.

 Us Magazine reports that the autopsy results in the case of actor Jeff Conaway were revealed on Friday. Apparently, he died of pneumonia complications and sepsis (a deadly blood infection). A little after his death, it was believed that Conaway had a bad cold and he treated himself.  When the symptoms aggravated, he was checked into hospital. Initially, his death was linked to an overdose, taken by mistake, as Conaway wanted to cure the cold himself without taking into account certain medication doses. At the time of his death, his doctor was sure had taken a drug overdose: “What happens is, like with most opiate addicts, eventually they take a little too much … and they aspirate, so what’s in their mouth gets into their lungs … That’s what happened with Jeff.”

Jeff Conaway was hospitalized on May 11, 2011, and it was already too late to put him on a recovery treatment. He was in a coma for the last two weeks of his life. Finally, on May 26, his family approved him being taken off life support. He passed away at 60 years old, surrounded by friends and family.

The Los Angeles coroners explained that the toxicology tests would have had no sense after being hospitalized for so much time, as any substance overdosed before May 11, would have been eliminated from his system in two weeks.

After Conaway’s death, his manager, Phil Brock, said: “We know somewhere in heaven an angel is welcoming a ‘hickie from kenickie.’”

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