Jeb Bush Asks Voters To Unite Around Romney’s Campaign

The Illinois primary results were a raving success for Mitt Romney. Although voters are still not fully convinced with Romney’s ability to stand off Barack Obama in November’s election, the last primary’s results got him one step closer to nomination. But the Republican’s purpose is to score his nomination early, a proposal that so far remained unheard. Now, Jeb Bush, the former Florida Governor steps up and asks voters to unite around Romney’s campaign.

He’s been the frontrunner for some months now, and even as other Republican candidates would threaten his leader position in polls, Romney remained the top winner. It’s obvious that many voters find him a good choice, but  as polls have prove it, on the overall Mitt Romney still has work to do to convince them all.

Ever since the beginning of the Republican presidential nomination race, Mitt Romney has made it clear he has one main purpose: score an early nomination. In the end, his aim is more than just a confirmation of his standing with the voters. It will give him time to prepare his bid for the November standoff with Barack Obama, who’s seeking reelection.

The Illinois primary boosted Mitt Romney in polls and the candidate found the moment to be a good opportunity to remind everybody they should unite around his campaign. His message was conveyed by Florida’s former Governor Jeb Bush.  Previously Bush, part of the senior Republicans, has expressed some hesitancy in endorsing Mitt Romney. But as his recent statement conveyed, now the former Governor has a different point of view.

Jeb Bush said: “Primary elections have been held in 34 states, and now is the time for Republicans to unite behind Governor Romney and take our message of fiscal conservatism and job creation to all voters this fall”.

“I am endorsing Mitt Romney for our party’s nomination” said Bush adding that Romney is the leader the U.S. needs to handle “huge challenges”, to understand economy and recognize that “more government regulation is not the answer”.

Other Republicans, sharing the same reputation as Jeb Bush, had a hard time trying to pin point the reason why the former Florida Governor has become official about endorsing Romney. However, it is worthwhile to mention that Jeb Bush’s father, former president George H.W. Bush, has endorsed Romney for quite some time now.

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