JBL Reveals Charge 2+ Upgrade

2015 was the year when several companies had launched a large variety of portable Bluetooth speakers. This year was perfect especially for JBL, which has managed to do some interesting things with its Bluetooth speakers. This company decided that instead of launching some new models, they would upgrade certain existent devices.

So, JBL has introduced some interesting features to their models, like a water-resistant design and other pluses. JBL Charge 2+ is one of these models, and except for the color of the logo, this portable Bluetooth speaker looks identically the same. Like the previous Charge 2, this new speaker comes at the price of 150 dollars.

JBL Charge 2+ weights slightly more than Charge 2. This model weighs 600 grams compared with 540 grams. Well, this means that something has changed there. Like other models, JBL Charge 2+ can be laid down horizontally or stand up vertically, due to its cylindrical design.

It comes with a built-in 6,000mAh battery that can last up to approximately 12 hours of playback and can be charged via Micro-USB. Moreover, there is a built-in speakerphone that works relatively well and users can stay within 5 to 10 feet distance from the microphone. It also has the “social sharing mode” feature, meaning that it allows multiple users to connect to the device. 

Compared with the original model, JBL Charge 2+ doesn’t come with a carrying case. Even if it looks like a durable speaker, the lack of a carrying case will probably cause some problems during travelling. JBL Charge 2+ has no trouble pairing both a Samsung Galaxy S5 and an iPhone 6.

The range is approximately 33 feet, which converts to 10 meters. Probably the only problem is that the ports aren’t sealed off, meaning that if someone drops the speaker into the pool or uses it in the shower, it may suffer some damages. However, JBL declared that splashproof means “no more to worrying about rain or spill, you can even clean it with running tap water. Just don’t submerge it.”

JBL Charge 2+ comes with two 7.5 watt drivers, which offer a total of 15 watts. The portable Bluetooth speaker sounds pretty good and surprisingly loud. Compared with the original Charge 2, this device sounds better and delivers cleaner sound.

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