Jaybird X2, the new Bluetooth sports headphone

Without a doubt, Jaybird makes one of the best and most popular sports-oriented in-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones on the market.
This company had a huge success a couple of years ago, when it released its BlueBuds X headphone. These days, Jaybird has released another headphone, called the X2.
This headphone is available at the price of 180 dollars and it can be found in multiple color options. 
Moreover, the new headphone looks exactly the same as its predecessor. However, Jaybird X2 comes with some new improvements, including better sweat proofing, a new matter finish, a carrying case and a slightly more comfortable ear fin design. 
The company declared that the new Jaybird X2 also comes with an improved battery, which can go up to 8 hours of listening. This is a good improvement, especially for this type of headphone. The X2 can be considered the best sound in-ear headphone on the market. This headphone is pretty well-balanced, delivering a good clarity and a decent bass. This is the type of sound that sportsmen are looking for when they do their exercises. An interesting thing is that the company hasn’t made any changes to the sound compared with the previous model. 
To be added that users will have to get a tight seal to get the best sound quality, a well-known problem to these types of sound-isolating in-ear headphones. This will probably be a real problem for bikers or runners who will have to let some sound in so they can hear the traffic. Jaybird X2 is not designed for that. This will probably be the main factor where Jaybird X2 can lose, because competitors like Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless or Plantronics BackBeat fir are designed to allow some sound to leak in. 
Probably, many users are complaining that Bluetooth headphones are losing connectivity. As we know, the human body is made mostly out of water, and Bluetooth and water are not making a good couple together. However, Jaybird is aware of that and they updated the new X2, so the connectivity to be solid. To be added that the X2 can also be used to make calls, delivering a good connection, even if it’s not a business-grade Bluetooth headset.
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