Jay-Z Will Launch First New Live Album In 10 Years

After his eight-night concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NYC sold out, Jay-Z announced he will launch his first new live album in 10 years. Jay-Z’s “Live in Brooklyn” EP goes on sale this Tuesday.

Jay-Z is a great artist, an inspired businessman and his wife just happens to be Beyoncé. For the past eight nights, Jay-Z sold-out at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, with performances so epic they’ll make for a brand new live album. “Live in Brooklyn” will be Jay-Z’s first live album in over a decade.

In 2001, Jay-Z launched an all-acoustic live record called “Jay-Z: Unplugged”. Although he had a busy schedule for the past few years, with five studio albums and keeping at the top of US singles’ chart, fans were really looking forward for a new live album. So part promotional material, part a treat for fans, “Live in Brooklyn” is a great way to remember the Jay-Z experience at the Barclays Center.

“I’ve been on many stages, been around the world, but nothing feels like tonight. Nothing feels like tonight, Brooklyn. I swear to God” Jay-Z told his audience at the Barclays Center.

For eight nights, Jay-Z performed at the Barclays Center, the new headquarters for the Brooklyn Nets basketball team. Jay-Z did more than just help with the new logo for the basketball team. Jay-Z’s concerts at the Barclays Center were the first public events, each drawing 18,000 people a night, not to mention all those people that watched the final concert online.

Only 60 hours later after Jay-Z performed his eighth concert at the Barclays Center, on Tuesday the new live album will be released. The “Live in Brooklyn” is, however, digital-only, but it features audio and footage from the eight different concerts. Chances are Beyoncé will be featured too on the new album, since she joined her husband on stage on Saturday and performed Diva, Young Forever and Crazy in Love.

“Live in Brooklyn” will hit iTunes this Tuesday, October 9th and will feature eight tracks and eight videos. Jay-Z’s new live album in 10 years will cost $9.99.

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