Jay-Z to Make Special Birthday Gift to Beyonce

Despite the rumors that have been on for weeks linked to the problems in the marriage of Jay-Z and Beyonce, it seems that the couple is quite happy. Soon Beyonce will celebrate her 33rd birthday and her husband wants to make this a very special moment.

So, for this special moment, Jay-Z shared a lovely 33 second clip of videos of Beyoncé. It surely seems that he wanted to make a beautiful and unique gift to his wife. So, maybe after all the rumors were not true and Beyonce and Jay-Z are doing very well in their relationship. Previously, it has been said that the two stars are close to a separation, as things are broken beyond repair for their marriage. 

However, this is not all. For her birthday, Beyonce will be vacationing in Corsica with her husband and her daughter. “Going away for Beyoncé’s birthday in September is a tradition they have,” a source said according to E! News. “It’s a chance to get some quality time together and relax far from worries about their crazy work schedules,” the same source explained. So, the couple is having an amazing family time, while celebrating Beyonce’s birthday. 

Beyonce’s sister also took social media to wish Happy Birthday to the star. “An extraordinary human being had a birthday today!” her Instagram post said. Solange also shared a photo of herself and her sister along with the beautiful message. 

Solange has reportedly had an important role in the rumors on the potential breakup of Beyonce and Jay Z. It has been claimed that the singer’s sister had a fight with Jay-Z, while Beyonce was looking. This led to rumors indicating that there are certain issues that the couple has, saying that Jay Z actually cheated on his famous wife, while Solange was taking her sister’s side. 

However, later on it has been said that the famous couple really has problems and they will most likely separate once their tour will end. However, it seems that none of these rumors was true, as the two famous singers are still looking to be extremely happy together.

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