Jay-Z Purchases Champagne Company

Famous rapper Jay-Z decided to purchase one of the most expensive champagne producers in the world. The music mogul apparently likes champagne so much that he just had to own this company. 

The brand is Armand de Brignac, a famous company which sales some shiny gold bottles of champagne for $300 each. The fact that Jay-Z is a fan of this product is not actually new. In fact, the rap mogul is well known for favoring the beverage, which has been featured in the star’s music videos since 2006. In many pictures, Jay-Z is also seen with these expensive bottles of champagne. 

Moreover, it seems that this is what the star enjoys drinking in his free time. Some reports indicate that the famous celebrity couple even went to host a fundraising for President Obama, which actually featured hundreds of Armand de Brignac bottles. 

The sale has already been confirmed by the owner of the brand. However, the price for the deal has not been revealed, at least until now. Still, the deal is extremely interesting, moreover, since the Ace of Spades actually is a family-run business. It has first created in 1763, in France. The company employs less than 20 people. 

Jay-Z started to be a fan of this brand back in 2006. Until then, the popular rapper used to purchase Cristal champagne. Some comments made by the head of the company managed to change all that. Frederic Rouzaud was asked what he thinks about the rappers who are seen using the high-end brand. Apparently, the head of Cristal said that they cannot stop people from buying it. Naturally, Jay-Z was not happy with these comments, so he stopped buying from this company. 

Jay-Z is without a doubt a highly successful musician, but also a business man. The star now has interests in fashion, entertainment and sports. The rapper is one of the most powerful celebrities in the world. Along with his famous wife Beyonce, Jay-Z surely owns an empire. In fact, it has recently been revealed that Beyonce is the top-earning woman in the music industry. She managed to make no less than $155 million in 2014.

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