Jay Z and Daft Punk to Record a Secret Track

It seems that Jay Z and Daft Punk are working at a surprise for their fans. It has been revealed that the two musicians were working at a secret track, which leaked online. 

The track is called Computerized and is already available on YouTube. None of the musicians confirmed the release of this single, although it sounds to be real. And it actually sounds great. It has not been revealed how the track was leaked, either. 

It is unclear why the track was recorded and if it is going to be featured for the new album of Jay-Z, Magna Carta Holy Grail, or the latest album of Daft Punk, Random Access Memories. Maybe the single will not be featured on any of the two albums. 

Some reports indicate that the track might be false, as there were no suggestions that Jay-Z has teamed with the French group to release this song. So, we cannot say for sure if the collaboration is real. The mysterious track became available online over the weekend.

It was previously revealed that Jay-Z showed interest in working with Daft Punk since 2010, but the two released nothing in almost 4 years. This is why some hypothesis exist saying that the track actually dates back to the time when Daft Punk were working on Tron.

It has also been rumored that Kanye West produced this track, but Pitchfork indicates that the rapper had no involvement in the development of Computerized. Naturally, it is unclear who was involved in the project and when it was recorded for the first time. Moreover, it is unclear what Jay-Z and Daft Punk plan on doing with the single, if it turns out being real. 

The truth is that no matter if this new track is real or not it sounds legit, which surely made numerous people like it. The song has almost 250,000 views on YouTube already, so apparently people enjoys listening to it. You may check out the song yourself, below. Meanwhile, we can only wait to see if Daft Punk or Jay-Z will confirm the news and if the track is really a collaboration between the two. 

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