Jay-Z And Beyonce Upset With Kim Kardashian Over Twitter Comment

What will break power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Friends and family most likely. New reports read that Kanye West’s buddies Jay-Z and Beyonce are upset with Kim Kardashian over her Twitter comment hinting at Rita Ora.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian seem to be doing great together, but recent reports hint things are going to change soon. Apparently there are more and more people not happy Kanye West is dating Kim Kardashian and among them are royal heads Jay-Z and Beyonce. The power couple of New York City is reportedly upset with Kim Kardashian over a recent Twitter comment.

Kim Kardashian might have no concept about what private life means, but if she wants to keep staying friends with Beyonce and Jay-Z she’s going to have to think twice about her Twitter posts. Kim Kardashian recently published a tweet hinting at her brother’s girlfriend, Rita Ora, who also happens to be in Jay-Z’s Roc Nation record label.

“When out to dinner w my brother @RobKardashian every gorgeous persian/Armenian girl stares at Rob! I think that’s what he needs in his life” wrote Kim Kardahian on Twitter. Unfortunately for her, Beyonce and Jay-Z were upset by the hint Rita Ora isn’t good enough for Rob Kardashian.

“Jay-Z and Beyonce aren’t impressed since she tweeted about her brother Rob needing a good woman even though he’s dating Jay’s Roc Nation singer Rita Ora” one insider told The Sun. And the Labor Day Weekend festival “Made In America” was a good enough proof.

While only a few weeks ago, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian were seen dancing together at a concert their men were performing at, this weekend it was a very different scene. Whether or not it was because fans reacted against her spending time with Kim or it was because of the reality TV star’s recent hit at Rita Ora, Beyonce kept her distance.

But this is only the latest Kim Kardashian gaffe. She recently told a magazine reality TV is basically the same as rap. Sources say these are the kind of things that have been making Kanye West the target of jokes.

“People have been calling him KUWTK [Keeping Up With The Kardashians] because of all her gaffes. Only this week she compared reality TV to rap music, saying they were both misunderstood” said one insider.

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