Jay-Z and Beyonce Still Together at the end of their Tour

Beyonce and Jay-Z definitely managed to eliminate all rumors now that their world tour has ended. For months it has been claimed that the power couple has problems in their relationship and they plan on separating as soon as their world tour ends. 

Well, it seems that the tour has come to an end, but Beyonce and Jay-Z are still a happy couple. In this context, the divorce rumors are dissipating and the powerful couple is said to have more plans in their musical careers. At some point, it has been claimed that the two stars were actually supporting the rumors for the publicity stint. 

Well, E! Online reported that at the end of their tour, the couple hugged and kissed each other and they seemed to have an extremely powerful connection. “It’s been an honor. I’m your biggest fan. I love you so much. Give it up for Mr. Carter,” Beyonce told her husband at the end of the tour. 

“I wanna say it’s been an honor and a pleasure to share the stage with you. I couldn’t dream of anything else than being in a stadium with the woman I love, who I believe is the greatest entertainer of our time. Make some noise for Beyonce! Thank you Paris, France for a beautiful night! We will never forget this!,” Jay Z replied proving that this couple is extremely strong and really happy. 

While Beyonce and Jay-Z never talked directly about the divorce rumors, the diva’s parents decided to deny these rumors in various interviews. Beyonce’s dad actually went to say that the stars are not interested in clarifying rumors, as it is all done for the publicity stint. Well, maybe these rumors were really true. 

The speculation on the potential problems that Beyonce and Jay-Z might be having in their marriage started when the diva’s sister Solange got into an argument with Jay-Z, while Beyonce was looking without doing nothing. 

Now, other rumors indicate that Beyonce might be pregnant with the couple’s second child. The two famous singer are parents to a daughter, Blue Ivy.

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