Jawbone Up3 comes with a fantastic app

Jawbone Up3 is very comfortable to wear and users can actually wear it for days without feeling it’s there. Except for the moments when it needs to be charged, which happens at every seven days, this fitness band should be on the owner’s hand for daily tracking. Jawbone Up3 has a slim and black design, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a screen. The new band takes a totally different approach compared with the recent super-smart smartwatches or recent fitness watches launched on the market.  

The older Jawbone Up was meant to interact with its user, but the new Up3 has the job to sense things, collect data and send them to the phone. Jawbone has also added heart rate sensing on the Up3. The band is available at the price of 180 dollars in the US and it also comes with a unique technology, called bloimpedance. This is a bid departure from the optical sensor and Green LEDs used in competing trackers, like Fitbit’s latest Charge HR, the Microsoft Band, Surge bands and also Apple Watch. To be mentioned that the Jawbone fitness band never had heart rate sensors before, meaning that this is a premiere for the company.

Jawbone Up3 was designed to be a general lifestyle coach, not like others, a hard-core fitness trackers. Its job is to collect data over days, weeks or even longer and users must live with this band on thier hands and let it understand them. Up3 comes with a pretty good app, which delivers all tracking functionality.

For customers who don’t want to spend a big amount of money, they could have almost the same features with the previous Jawbone Up2, which also comes with a good app and at approximately half the price. Compared with the Jawbone Up and Up24, this fitness bar is 45 percent smaller. The rubber band design gets thicker and an aluminum body houses a touch sensor with three embedded LED status lights. For turning it on, users must tap it a few times. The band vibrates if there are notifications to read on the phone app.

Even if it is a bit harder to put on the wrist, Up3 comes with one size that manages to fit everyone. It has a metal clasp on the bottom that is adjustable and after finding its position, the band is perfect to be worn.

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