Jason Willis Banned from the Internet

If you thought that this cannot be happening, think again. A man has actually been banned from the Internet. The reason why Jason Willis got such a sentence is sending a naked man to his neighbor’s house. 

If this was thought to be only a prank, it seems that it ended with a plea deal that banns Jason Willis from using the Internet for 30 months. The 31 year old Wisconsin man decided to play a prank on his neighbor that went too far, sending to her house a naked man. 

The event dates back to November 2012, when Jason Willis created a fake Craigslist personal ad that sent several suitors to the woman’s house. The woman, Dawn, did not appreciate at all the prank, saying that his “idea of a joke is much different than other people’s idea of a joke.”

The woman went on to explain that he had her address, name and everything he needed to play this prank. She also explained that the event has been quite traumatic for her, as she still gets very anxious whenever someone comes at her door. 

Dawn went on to explain that even though a year has passed since that moment, she is nervous when she doesn’t see a vehicle to recognize the person who might be at her door. 

Dawn found out that the ad was placed by Jason Willis from one of the men who were sent to her house. The woman was quite surprised to see that they knew her name, while one of the gentleman said that they got it from her Craigslist ad. 

The case went on investigation and detectives found that Dawn actually had ads on a number of sites. Initially, her neighbor was arrested, but he accepted the plea deal. Now, he is on 30 months probation, so he needs to stay away from the Internet. 

The judge on this case reached the conclusion that banning Willis from the Internet is the solution, as this is the weapon he used in the crime. Taking it away will prevent this from occurring again. 

Dawn claimed that she wanted Willis to get a jail sentence, but after all the punishment was “OK for now.”

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