Jason Trawick Gains Conservatorship Of Britney Spears

Jason Trawick, Britney Spears’ fiancé, has gained conservatorship of the singer after a judge accepted his request on Wednesday. It seems that this decision pleases everyone, including Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, who had become a conservator of his daughter’s wealth in 2008 after the singer’s nervous breakdown.

After several troublesome years, Britney Spears is ready to try her luck in love one more time. The singer got engaged with her manager, Jason Trawick on his birthday in December. The couple has been trying to regain full access to Britney’s wealth since then and their wish was finally granted on Wednesday when a judge made Trawick co-conservator.

Based on the legal decision, the 40-year-old manager will be able to take care of Britney’s personal affairs just like her father has done during the past four years. Jamie Spears was forced to become a conservator because the “Femme Fatale” interpreter went erratic after losing custody of her children to ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Spears was forced to give her sons, Sean Preston, now 6, and Jayden James, now 5 to Federline because she was often accused of drug abuse. Once the process was over, the singer locked herself in bathroom and recorded herself while shaving her head. The incident shocked the entire media and Britney was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold being later on, admitted to the mental unit of the UCLA Hospital.

Judges, who were taking care of her case, decided that her father should handle the millions-worth fortune while the singer was recuperating. This measure was also intended to prevent the singer from consuming drugs.

Looking back at this four-year period, we can say that Britney’s dad did a very good job taking care of her money. Thanks to him, Spears regained both her mental and her physical stability and was able to release two albums in the past years “Circus” and “Femme Fatale”. Her most recent accomplishment is the $15 million deal she signed in order to become a judge for “The X Factor”. It remains to be seen whether her future husband, Jason Trawick will be just as good a conservator as her father.

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