Jason Russell Meltdowns Over The Kony 2012 Campaign

The recent Kony 2012 campaign that went viral over the internet took its toll with those involved. Filmmaker and Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell was among the victims as he completely meltdown on account of stress, “extreme exhaustion and dehydration”.

Earlier this week, Jason Russell’s neighbors were calling the police over reports of a man acting strangely and disturbing traffic. Eventually, police officers came to find a confused and estranged Jason Russell. He was detained to prevent him from harming himself.

Spokeswoman Lt. Andra Brown with the San Diego Police told reporters that neighbors have tried to calm the filmmaker down but without much success as “he continued to act in a bizarre and irrational manner”. However, nobody confirmed that Russell was the man in neighbors’ reports’ that was pounding naked on the pavement at the Pacific Beach intersection.

As Brown explained, police officers were deployed to respond to “several callers who reported that the male removed his underwear and was nude, perhaps masturbating. The callers reported the underwear-clad male was in the street, interfering with traffic, screaming, yelling incoherently and pounding his fists on the sidewalk”.

As the police statement reads, the man in the report was taken to a local mental health facility “for further evaluation and treatment”.

Jason Russell’s wife, Danica, had to issue a statement Friday night regarding her husband’s irrational behavior. She stated that the filmmaker “has never had a substance abuse or drinking problem, and this episode wasn’t caused by either of those things. But yes, he did some irrational things brought on by extreme exhaustion and dehydration.

According to Danica Russell, at blame would be the success and attention the Kony 2012 campaign had. She said “while that attention was great for raising awareness about Joseph Kony, it also brought a lot of attention to Jason”. Since the film was quite sensitive it obviously brought on attacks and remarks against it, which Jason took them very person and very hard.

Ben Keesey, CEO of Invisible Children, told reporters that Russell had to be hospitalized as he is “suffering from exhaustion, dehydration and malnutrition”. He added that the “past two weeks have taken a severe emotional toll on all of us, Jason especially, and that toll manifested itself in an unfortunate incident yesterday”.

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