Jason Derulo claims he isn’t dating Jordan Sparks

Music artist Jason Derulo puts an end to rumors claiming he is dating former “American idol” contestant, Jordin Sparks, saying that she and him are “just friends”, CBS News reports.

These days, Jason’s fans are less focused on the launching of his second album, “Future History”, scheduled for the end of this week, and more interested in the review of his birthday party photo shoot. The event took place last Sunday in Los Angeles. Certain shots keep the attention of his public, namely the ones featuring the pop singer and the American Idol, Jordin Sparks.

The rumors of a possible love affair between the two are denied by Derulo, who describes Sparks as an absolute sweetheart, but labels their relationship as just a friendship. “We’re just friends”, he says. Yet, several media reports place the two of them spending the weekend together and going out for a romantic dinner.

The artist claims it was his interest in finding a special lady that inspired him to write one of his recent hits, “It Girl”. And, although he would love to have such a person in his life and feel what the song describes, his pursuit is still ongoing and the song is unfortunately based on just make-believe at the moment.

In a recent interview for “Whatcha Say”, the pop singer is revealed as still coping with his fast developing success just as his work embodies. He sings about the actual state of his life at the moment and the changes he is going through. “Tracks are either based on my experiences or my desires”.

Looking at the future, Derulo hopes to make a mark on history and have his songs be part of a time lasting legacy. It was his interest in music history that led him to create his unique signature as an reinventing old pieces author. As such, Derulo hopes to continue his collaborations with renowned artists in the future. The two most important names he wishes to add to his list are Madonna and Prince. “They are people that I watched growing up, and people that I looked up to growing up. It would just be amazing, to get in the studio and pick their brains.”

Furthermore, the singer’s future plans include working in two different genres. On the one side, he is interested in pursuing his fondness for country music and working with Taylor Swift, on the other, he wants to create an old classics revamped jazz album.


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