Jared Leto On Being A Transsexual Woman

“Requiem For A Dream” actor, Jared Leto shared his most intimate thoughts on being a transsexual woman during a recent interview with the Inquisitr. Leto has been through various physical and mental changes in order to prepare himself for the part he received in the movie “Dallas Buyer’s Club”.

Jared Leto hasn’t received a major role in three years, but the actor thinks he is going to make it big with the recent deal he signed for “Dallas Buyer’s Club”. Leto will play the part of a transsexual woman who is suffering from AIDS. For that, he was forced to go through a drastic diet to look as emaciated as possible.

Losing weight wasn’t the only sacrifice that the 40-year-old actor had to make in order to get into the shoes of his character. He also spent a lot of time studying transsexuals’ behavior so he could better understand his character.

Unlike his co-star in the movie, Matthew McConaughey, who has lost a considerable amount of weight in order to play an AIDS victim, Jared Leto adopted a milder diet. It was, nonetheless, very difficult for him to refrain from eating normal food. “Sometimes it’s hard to hold on to water,” he explained reporters.

Leto doesn’t care much about looking like an AIDS victim. For him, the most difficult and most important aspect in the preparation of the movie is to represent what it means to be a transsexual woman. The rest of the cast is also very dedicated to the drama that the movie is trying to portray.

Jared is an experienced actor when it comes to making big weight changes for movie roles. The actor had to lose 25 pounds for his part in “Requiem For a Dream” and gain 60 for his role in “Chapter 27”. He tweeted on Thursday to let fans know that he is in a good health and spirit condition even though his shocking weight loss might suggest something else.

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