January Jones Says She’ll Never Be Unhappily Married

“Mad Men” housewife says that, unlike her character, Betty, she is never going to be unhappily married. Jones thinks that of the three mail female characters in the show, hers is the most emotionally immature.

In an interview to Allure, the actress admits that she is very different from her character in the AMC’s retro drama. The determined Peggy and the sassy Joan are both more mature than Betty, who allows herself to live in an unhappy marriage, because she is not able to determine herself to go for what she wants. “I am not going to let myself be in an unhappy marriage” January says and adds that she is also very determined regarding her career: “Or if I want a job, I am going to go get a job”.

Despite being single, the X-Men actress says that now she has more experience with romantic relationships and that this experience is something that she grew into over the years. January Jones is now pregnant, but hasn’t revealed the name of the father’s baby. So speculation began. Some say it could be her ex boyfriends, Jason Sudeikis, from whom she broke up earlier this year. Others believe that it’s Jason who broke up with her, after finding out that she is having an affair with a man that she met while filming X-Men: First Class.

When speaking about her relationship with the Saturday Night Live star Jason Sudeikis, she blames the distance for the couple not working out, explaining that “The long distance kind of petered us out.” But not only the distance was to blame. Jones says that dating someone in the same industry isn’t easy, because one has to make the sacrifice of putting the career on hold or of abandoning it. And when neither of the partners takes that step, the couple can’t last. On the other hand, it is also difficult for an actress to date someone off the industry, as it is quite hard to explain that she has to go away for several months and make out with other men while the boyfriends stays behind.

Maybe Jones likes the idea of being a single mom. On the cover of Allure, we can read her statement that says it all: “I need to go away … and kiss other men.”

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