January 18th The Day The Internet Goes On Strike Against SOPA

With just a few days ahead of both the planned strike against SOPA and the U.S. Senate vote on the matter, more and more companies and website join forces to cancel the internet censorship bill. With names such as Nerd Reactor, Reddit, Cheezburger, Mozilla, Free Press and many others urged to react January 18th will make the history books as the day the Internet went on strike. writes that on January 24th, the Congress will reunite to vote and pass internet censorship in the Senate. Also known as PIPA and SOPA, the bill, or bills, are intended to curtail copyright violations on the Internet, but the opposition fears these are the beginning of “a terrible future for the internet” (

Against the controversial bills are big names of the online industry, starting with Reddit. The website has over 2 billion page views and 35 million active users a month but has decided to join the strike against SOPA and PIPA by shutting down operations for 12 hours on January 18th.

Reddit will replace its content with a video stream of a congressional hearing of the bill, during which even the website’s cofounder Alexis Ohanian will be testifying.

If it started little, the strike against SOPA is expected to go big, especially since Google, PayPal, Twitter and even Wikipedia could get involved. Markham Erickson of NetCoalition has confirmed that the move is “under consideration”.

“These bills so fundamentally change the way the Internet works. People need to understand the effect this special-interest legislation will have on those who use the Internet”, said Erickson.

On Sunday, the protesters against SOPA and PIPA bills got even the support of the Obama administration which has announced its official opposition against them. Obviously, SOPA and PIPA advocates accused president Barack Obama of capitulating to the technology industry.

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), if passed, will expand the ability of U.S. regulators and copyright holders to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods. In other words, it will become a lot easier to shut down websites, barring online advertising networks, as well as payment facilitators.

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  1. There is NO WAY IN HELL this should go through! The internet was created for sharing information. Yes, copying other people’s ideas for your own website is wrong, but that makes it easier for the rest of us to find what we’re looking for. SOPA should go to Hades and get thrown into Tartarus to be eaten by demons.

  2. I wish Google, Facebook, Bing, Microsoft, Amazon and a few other big guns had pushed the OFF button today as well.
    THAT would get the world’s attention.
    (And yes, my blog is down for the day with a big ole SOPA Shutdown message on it.)

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