Janet Jackson Says Her Pregnancy is well

Janet Jackson, who has been avoiding to share too much detail when it comes to her pregnancy, has finally decided to come with some updates for her fans. The star revealed that her pregnancy is well and it seems that she is anxious to become a mom. 

Janet revealed the fact that she is set to welcome a baby back in April. Without a doubt, Janet seemed very happy to be starting a family. At that moment, the star also cancelled the remaining dates of her comeback tour. And the fact is that since then, Janet has stayed away of the media attention and has been focusing on her family and her pregnancy. 

Well, it seems that she finally decided to share some updates. “Hey you guys… It’s been awhile… but I’m still listening.. I feel your love and prayers.. Thank you.. and I’m doing well.. Al Hamdu lillah,” Janet said in a Twitter post. 

Janet and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, wedded back in 2012. A source close to the famous singer previously said that Janet is amazingly happy. “She is super excited about her pregnancy and is doing extremely well,” the source said according to People. “She actually feels very good about everything,” the same insider went on to add. 

Well, exactly when Janet is due has not been revealed at this point. It also remains widely unknown if the star is going to welcome a baby boy or maybe a girl. Janet has not revealed these details, but without a doubt the famous singer will make public these information once the baby will be born.

Before this latest update from Janet Jackson, some sources claimed that the star was dealing with some health concerns. Later, insiders also said that the star is well, but she needs to be careful. One source also revealed that Janet and her husband have been thinking about a lot of baby names and it might “have something to do with Michael Jackson.” Hopefully, Janet will be doing great for the rest of her pregnancy, as well.

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